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Poisonous animals
Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Corals and Anemones)
Venomous fish
Hymenopterans (Bees, Wasps and Ants)
Sea snakes
Terrestrial snakes
Miscellaneous animals

Distribution of scorpions

Scorpions of medical importance


North America

Centruroides exilicauda (=C. sculpturatus)

Mexico and Central America

Centruroides sp.

(Tityus sp.)

South America and the West Indies

Bothriurus sp.

Centruroides sp.

Tityus sp.


(Buthus sp.)

Mesobuthus gibbosus gibbosus

North Africa, Near and Middle East

Androctonus sp.
Buthacus arenicola

Buthus sp.
Hemiscorpius lepturus

Leiurus sp.
Nebo hierochonticus

Odontobuthus doriae

Central and Southern Africa

Parabuthus sp.
Buthotus trilineatus

(Lychas sp.)
(Uroplectes sp.)

The Far East

Mesobuthus martensi

Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia

Androctonus sp.
Heterometrus bengalensis (= Palamneus bengalensis)

Hottentotta tamulus

Australia and the Pacific Islands

No medically important species.